Gremlins in The Roots of Rock From Cardiff To Mississippi and Back

In all books printer’s gremlins and other slips of the tongue, the pen and the mind get in there between the book and reality. Some of the small blunders made in the first printing of The Roots Of Rock From Cardiff To Mississippi And Back are shown here. If you spot any others then do please let me know.

The Byrds’ seminal album Sweetheart of the Rodeo gets four mentions in the body of the text, and so it should. No, actually,  it only gets three.  On page 123, unaccountably, the album gets a retitle as Sweethearts of the Radio.

On page 42 Ralph and I sneak out to watch the film Rock Around The Clock in Queen Street’s Olympia cinema.  Historian Brian Lee suggests that this might have actually been shown in the Gaumont on the same street. I know that a few years later I saw Twist Around The Clock  at the Gaumont but Rock Around The Clock had the teds jiving at the Olympia.  Didn’t it?  If you saw the film in Cardiff back in the day and can recall where then please let me know.

On page 54 the Hohner harmonica gets misrepresented as a Horner.

Page 71 tells the story of Granada TV’s foray into the blues with a programme they recorded on the disused Wilberham Road railway station in Manchester. I suggest that the railway itself was the “not yet privatised LMS”.  I should have said “the not yet privatised Midland Region of British Rail”.

On page 210 it should be Haight-Ashbury rather than Height-Ashbery




One thought on “Gremlins in The Roots of Rock From Cardiff To Mississippi and Back

  1. Bugger. We’ll make the corrections now, in readiness. I changed one Sweethearts of the Radio, so it’s annoying to find another. I sometimes think it’s worth asking authors to write with the autocorrect switched off.




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